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Thor Ragnarok at STL Fan Expo

Made a few extra props for Thor to showcase at the STL Fan Expo, including the gladiator shield and hammer. Scott won a Judge’s Choice award in the costume contest!

Check out my original Thor Ragnarok Cosplay blog for details on the main costume build. Here’s instructions on the the shield and hammer build:


Remixed a shield from Thingiverse to round the top and split it into 5 pieces to print on my CR10. Added a 10 mm hollow cylinder on two sides of the shield to allow me to reinforce the shield with a 8mm diameter (500 mm long) steel rod and provide a grip for holding on one side. Printed at 5% infill and each piece took approximately 2 days. I was under a time crunch to get all the pieces printed so started finishing as pieces came off the printer (last piece came off the printer 2 days before the Fan Expo). To smooth and fill gaps, used a combo of sanding, wood fillerspray paint filler, sandable black spray paint, and black spray paint primer. Designed a hollow handle that would slip over the steel rod (printed on CR6 in black TPU). Used my Cricut Maker to cut out the design on EVA foam for the front of the shield. Drew the designs with colored pencil and finished with acrylic paint (silver, red, and teal). Used paper towels to blot the silver for antiquing.


Scaled a Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hammer design to 85% and printed large parts at 5% infill and handle at 20% infill. It was still massive so I’d recommend scaling it down even further. Tried to reinforce it with wooden dowel rods, but unfortunately they weren’t strong enough. The handle broke right when Scott was going up to compete for the costume contest! Definitely use a steel rod and increase handle infill. To smooth, used a combo of sanding, wood fillerspray paint filler, and sandable black spray paint. Finished with acrylic paint (silver and red), using paper towels to blot for antiquing.

STL Fan Expo

Here are some shots from the STL Fan Expo.

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