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Mount Victoria New Zealand – Outer Shire

There are four LOTR filming locations from the Outer Shire at Mount Victoria, and of course we found them all. We spent the most time at the Hobbit’s Hideaway reenacting those fun scenes!

There is a LOTR location carpark that makes it very easy to get to all the filming spots at Mount Victoria: Frodo’s reading/smoking tree, I think I’ve broken something hill, the way of the Nazgul, and hobbit’s hideaway.

Hobbit’s Hideaway (Get off the road, quick!)

We spent a lot of time at this spot getting pictures from the road and hobbit’s hideaway (location: 41°18’04.1″S 174°47’19.1″E). We took pictures as each of the hobbits in the hideaway and merged them together. The tree next to the hobbit hideaway was temporary for the film so the spot doesn’t look nearly as ominous. The tree behind Frodo on the path was fortunately still intact and loomed over the path forbiddingly.

Frodo’s Reading/Smoking Tree

The tree was a little difficult to find as it’s off the main path and the filming angle is on the opposite side from where you enter (location: 41°18’03.2″S 174°47’17.9″E). We found it’s much easier to climb in the tree from the back side. We bought Gandalf’s pipe from Weta Workshop earlier in the day, which was a perfect prop.

I Think I’ve Broken Something (Hill)

It was a bit treacherous reenacting where the hobbits fell off the cliff after stealing farmer Maggot’s crop (location: 41°18’03.9″S 174°47’19.3″E). We fortunately sustained no injuries from our many tumbles down the hill 🙂

The Way of the Nazgul (Dolly Zoom)

We had fun attempting the spooky Dolly Zoom on our iPhones (location: 41°17’57.5″S 174°47’21.5″E). It was scary how bad they turned out. There has since been a fence added, which unfortunately makes it not as petrifying.

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