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The Remarkables New Zealand – Dimrill Dale

We hiked the Lake Alta Track to The Remarkables, LOTR filming location for Dimrill Dale (exit of Mines of Moria). This mountain range is as the name indicates – absolutely remarkable – and prominently stands out all throughout the Queenstown area.

Lake Alta Track

The Lake Alta Track begins at The Remarkables ski-field and is a fairly steep 2.1 mile out and back trail. The beautiful Lake Alta with the formidable Remarkables as a backdrop is a rewarding view after the steep hike.

Dimrill Dale (Exit from Mines of Moria)

Scott reenacted the entire LOTR Dimrill Dale scene where Aragorn leads the Fellowship down the slopes after losing Gandalf in the Mines of Moria. The beginning of this LOTR scene was filmed at Mount Owen, which we weren’t able to visit so this was a good alternative.

We had lembas bread on our journey and left a One Ring near Lake Alta.

One of them Rangers

Aragorn is Scott’s favorite LOTR character so I made him a “One of them Rangers” shirts to wear to this film location.

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