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Steampunk Tinker Bell at Ren Fest

Always wanted to make fairy wings and decided to create some for a steampunk twist on my Tinker Bell costume to wear to the 2022 STL Ren Fest.

Used my old Tinker Bell costume, got some new boots, and steampunked it with parts from my Steampunk Mad Scientist costume (bracers, corset, test tube belt, pauldron armor, and keys). Filled my test tube belt with tubes of glitter for fairy dust. Had some scrap green curtain material and an old white skirt to add some extra steampunk layers for the skirt. Here’s a video montage of making my fairy wings, wand, and wearing the costume at the STL Ren Fest.


Always wanted to make #fairywings so created some massive wings from cellophane for a #SteampunkTinkerbell #fairycosplay for Enchanted weekend at the stlrenfest. Added another #steampunkgun to my collection and a light up wand! #Tinkerbell #tinkerbellcosplay #Steampunk #Fairy #PeterPan #RenaissanceFestival #RenFest #Hook @stlrenfest

♬ Flight to Neverland (From “Hook”) – John Williams

Renaissance Festival Cosplay Pictures

Making Wings Pictures

Made the fairy wings with cellophane and bendable wire. Tried a couple different clear sprays (Krylon acrylic spray and Elmer’s spray) and neither worked great to hold together the wings and made my green spray paint bleed. I’ll do a little more searching for a better option before making wings again.

Making Wand Pictures

3D printed a motion-activated LED magic wand. Steampunked it with Rub ‘N’ Buff.

Making Gun Pictures

Made a new steampunk gun with an old nerf gun and Rub ‘N’ Buff. The spinning blade looks awesome!

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