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Monty Python Cosplay at Kegs ‘N’ Eggs

We had a blast dressing up as Monty Python characters Tim the Enchanter, the Witch, King Arthur, and Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog for the STL Kegs ‘N’ Eggs event.

Tim the Enchanter

3D printed the the left and right ram horns on my CR10 (PLA, 5% infill, supports, raft, ~19 hours per horn). Finished with off-white and brown acrylic paint. Made the head piece with scrap pieces of leather and hand sewed the pieces together. 3d printed the femur bone and aged with brown paint. Frayed an old maroon tablecloth and a piece of cotton black fabric for the costume.

The Witch

3D printed the carrot on my CR10 (PLA, 0% spiralize, scaled to 50mmX, 250mmZ) and the funnel (funnel factory example 2, 154% scale, PLA, 5% infill, ~15h). Made the carrot more sturdy with acrylic mod podge sealer and darkened with brown acrylic. Tied the funnel and carrot to my head with 10mm twine. Antiqued the funnel with copper Rub ‘N’ Buff. Used a white Renaissance dress and brown cape for the cloak.

King Arthur Crown

3D printed the crown on my CR10 (PLA, 5% infill, supports, raft). The fleur de lis weren’t very sturdy at 5% infill so had to reprint these at 50% infill and glued on with superglue. Finished with a combo of sanding, wood fillerspray paint filler, and acrylic paint (gold/silver).

3D printed the chain mail on my CR6 SE (PLA, 100% infill, raft). Hot glued the edges together of 6 pieces and then hot glued top to the lip of the crown.

Holy Hand Grenade

3D printed the holy hand grenade on my CR6 SE in silk white PLA (5-20% infill). Finished with gold, blue, and green acrylic paint.

Group Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Kegs ‘N’ Eggs event at the St. Louis Renaissance grounds.

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