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GoT: House of the Dragon Watch Party

We had an amazing time hosting a watch party for House of the Dragon premiere. We hosted a Game of Throne premiere party for the final season of GoT and of course reused the Iron Throne I built for this. Of course I added a few new 3D printed dragon eggs, swords and crowns to our collection.

Here’s a fun TikTok of all the food, decor and activities.

Dragons and Eggs

I made quite a few new dragons and dragon egg props since the Targaryens are kings in the new HOTD show! Here are the props I 3D printed:

We wore our Daenerys and Drogon cosplay again.


3D printed these swords to add to my GoT armory: Catspaw, Ice, Widow’s Wail, Needle, and Longclaw.


3D printed the Stark and Robert Baratheon crowns to supplement my other Baratheon crown.

Food and Decor

We had some of our old favorites including dragon deviled eggs, Frey Pie, Greyjoy sausage, and the blood of Drogon. Some new additions from Sindhuja and Anne were the dragon egg truffles, doom of Valyria, and Targareyn treats. I also made blueberry Tart-garyen and Hightower hummus. Of course the Iron Throne from our last premiere party was the centerpiece, and Frito again was the king of Westeros.

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