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Game of Thrones Party

The premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones magically happened on Scott’s Name Day! Thus, preparations started for a GoT premiere birthday party including the creation of an Iron Throne fit for a king. Many competed #ForTheThrone and it looks like Drogon was the winner!

Iron Throne

I spent several months building the Iron Throne. Check out my other blog for instructions and detailed pictures.

Here’s the view from the Iron Throne.

The Crown

The crown was the first thing I made for the party. Utilizing an online image of Geoffrey’s crown, I created a graphic to cut out a foam crown with my Cricut Maker. I then hand painted it gold.

Costumes and Fight #ForTheThrone

Many fought for the throne (several Mothers of Dragons, Jon Snow, and Joffrey), but it looks like Drogon (Frito) claimed the Iron Throne.


I made house banners and a Name Day banner out of paper and vinyl with my Cricut. I bought the large Targaryen and Stark banners from Amazon and the Night’s Watch banner was gifted from a friend.

GoT Feast

The party feast consisted of many GoT themed and medieval treats. A few of the main items included:

  • The Hall of Faces cheesecake with drizzled strawberry or caramel sauce as the blood
  • Frey pie with a hotdog finger inside
  • Dragon deviled eggs
  • Greyjoy sausage special
  • Imp shrimp
  • Redwyne grapevine

House Goblets and Cocktails

I made customized house goblets with vinyl and my Cricut. I even came up with sigils and slogans for Perdue and Schatz. I also came up with a few custom GoT-themed cocktails – the most notable being the Ice Dragon that featured dry ice and lots of smoke.

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