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Flexi-Friends 3D Prints

I adore articulated animals, and they have made many flexi-friends! I’ve 3D printed so many I’ve lost count. They are so fun to play with for children and adults 🙂

Most of the flexi-friends print well at standard quality (0.2mm resolution) and 20% infill. Although for my nephew and niece, I’ve upped the infill up to at least 30-50% to make them a little more sturdy. My first flexi-friend was a silk white flexi-cat 🙂 My second was this amazing rainbow flexi-dragon.

Creatures for the Children

The rainbow flexi-friends were a hit with my nephew and niece. I made several dinosaurs – raptors, rexocorn (unicorn T-rex hybrid), and triceratops. I also made a butterfly, shark, lion, and lizard. The lizard turned out really neat because the colors varied so much on its body. I think it will be a tradition to get a new flexi-friend every time they visit our house 🙂


I used a purple-pink color changing PLA for the flexi-unicorn. It turned pink during the print because the bed was hot, and as it cooled turned purple (check out the timelapse).

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