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Captain America Shield and Helmet

I wanted some Captain America props in my cosplay collection and started with the Captain America helmet. I finally finished the shield (after almost a year of slowly coming back to it). The shield was the most challenging prop I’ve had to finish to-date.


The Captain America shield was one of the most challenging 3D prints to smooth during the finishing process. Printed the parts back in early 2022 on my CR10 SMART, but didn’t finish it until January 2023. The finishing process consisted of sanding, wood fillerspray paint fillerblack spray paint primer, and acrylic paint. The parts didn’t fit together very smoothly so had to include quite a bit of wood filler and lost count of the number of layers of spray paint filler (and cans) required.

The finished shield is still not as smooth as I would like. I may end up going with an aged/battle-used version if we ever end up actually using it in a costume we wear.


I started by printing the Captain America helmet on my CR10 SMART. This file was pretty easy to finish since I decided to go with the darker/rougher version after initially painting it a brighter blue.

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