Race Medal and Bib Hanger

I have quite the stash of medals and bibs from various running and triathlon races and finally came up with a way to display them ūüôā

Here are directions for making your own race medal and bib hanger.


  1. Piece of plywood (2’x4′)
  2. Paint and brushes (I like red)
  3. White letters (SWIM, BIKE, RUN) – from any hobby store
  4. One or Two¬†6″x8″ Chalkboard
  5. Liquid Nails wood glue (or hot glue)
  6. 50¬†¬†0.106 x 1-3/8″ Square Bend Hooks
  7. Drill
  8. Pliers
  9. Durasteel hanging wire
  10. 2 Alligator tooth picture hangers


  1. Cut plywood to desired size ~’2×4′. I had a scrap piece of plywood and it just so happened to be¬†2’x4′ and fit perfectly in the space I wanted to hang it.¬†Cut yours to the size you like and to fit your medal needs.
  2. Paint plywood with desired paint color, applying multiple coats as needed.

IMG_28363. Evenly space SWIM BIKE RUN¬†letters across the top (~1.5 ” offset from top) and glue letters to board.


4. Center a chalkboard vertically on both ends and attach to board with glue. You can also just include one chalkboard if you are doing a smaller board. I’m planning to use one for quotes and the other for PRs (Personal Records).

5. Measure and mark¬†dots 2″ apart along the length of the board in two staggered rows (48 total). Space the bottom row 1″ from the bottom and include ~1″ between the two rows. If you don’t need as many rows, you can increase spacing or just do one row. ¬†Pre-drill all the dots and avoid drilling all the way through the board. Screw the square bend hooks into the board, using a pliers as needed.


6. Pre-drill holes next to the chalkboards ~8″ from both ends and ~1″ below the letters. Screw a square bend hook on both ends. Tie¬†wire to both hooks and tighten until taut. Cut off excess wire.


7. Attach alligator tooth picture hangers on the back of the board. Hang race bibs on wire by one safety pin.


8. Mount to board to wall. Hang medals on square hooks. Add quotes and PRs to chalkboards.


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