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St. Louis Cardinals Deco Mesh Wreath

Making deco mesh wreaths is super easy, and they make great gifts! I made this  St. Louis Cardinals wreath as a Christmas gift. I loved it so much that I made one for myself too 🙂


  1. 16-20″ wired wreath frame – ideally with pipe cleaners attached (otherwise purchase red/white pipe cleaners)
  2. Large red deco mesh roll
  3. Small red & white striped deco mesh roll
  4. St. Louis Cardinals ribbon 
  5. St. Louis Cardinals mini pennants
  6. Mini baseballs
  7. Mini baseball bat (if desired)
  8. Glue gun


  1. Attach pipe cleaners (or straighten attached wires) on the wreath frame. Use whatever size wreath you desire. I’ve found smaller ones (16″) tend to look better because they are fuller. 
  2. Attach two rounds of red deco mesh, alternating between front and back row.
  3. Attach a round of red and white striped deco mesh, alternating between front and back row.
  4. If desired, wrap a layer of ribbon around the entire wreath. Cut short strips of other Cardinals ribbons and attach to the pipe cleaners, alternating throughout for an even distribution.
  5. Using a glue gun, attach the Cardinals pennants, mini baseballs, and a mini bat.
  6. Hang your wreath on a door or wall! The wreath below is a smaller wreath frame 
    Here’s an alternate Cardinals wreath that I made from a normal wreath with red deco mesh, Cardinal bird ribbon, gold ribbon, poinsettias, and a clip on Cardinal bird.
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