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Daredevil TMNT Crossover Cosplay

We love both Daredevil and TMNT and have yet to see a crossover for this cosplay. Since Daredevil inspired TMNT, this crossover was the perfect cosplay for us to create! We unveiled DaredevElangelo (Daredevil/Michelangelo) and RaphaElektra (Raphael/Elektra) at the Fan EXPO Canada when we met Charlie Cox.

Fan EXPO Canada

Loved meeting Charlie Cox in our costumes!

Daredevil Helmet

The crossover of the Daredevil helmet with the Michelangelo orange mask and turtle coloring was my favorite prop to create.


Elektra and Raphael use sais, and they both wear red. This was the perfect crossover for RaphaElektra! Remixed the sais to add a transparent red gem and sturdy it up with a metal rod through the middle.


Props for my next crossover cosplay have been started! Any guesses on what crossover I’m going to do? #Elektra #Elektracosplay #Sais #Daredevil

♬ Daredevil TV main theme – Geek Music

Billy Club / Nunchucks

Daredevil uses a billy club and Michelangelo uses nunchucks, which are both pretty similar and the link for this crossover for DaredevElangelo. Remixed a Daredevil billy club to make some sweet orange nunchucks!

Turtle Shell

My first make of the turtle shell was a little smaller than preferred. Split the design and scaled it up to 135% to make a bigger shell.

Further split the shell to make a massive shell for Scott!

Turtle Breastplate

Made an EVA covered/extended version for DaredevElangelo to look closer to the live-action crossover. Painted the final coat together to ensure the colors matched.

3D printed one that is closer to the cartoon version for RaphaElektra to look closer to the comic book crossover.

Side Shells

Made the side shells out of EVA foam and attached to main shell/breastplate with Velcro.

Elektra Leotard, Wraps, and Boot Covers

Made the Elektra leotard, wraps, headpiece, and boot covers with stretchy red material.


Painted details onto the green onesies with green and brown fabric paint using a combo of paint brushes, foam brushes, and air brush. Painting yourself in a onesie was quite difficult. 😉

Knee and Elbow Pads

Sewed the knee and elbow pads with stretchy black material and painted brown with acrylic.


Used faux leather darkened with acrylic paint to make the belts. Attached together with Chicago screws. Attached to main shell/breastplate with Velcro.

More Daredevil Masks

Since Daredevil is Scott’s favorite superhero TV series, we’ve made lots of Daredevil versions 😉


My husband @bangarangscooty’s favorite superhero show is #daredevil and as you all have guessed I’m working on a daredevilcrossover. Of course I had to make every other #daredevilhelmet in the process so we each have one and one to spare for a friend ???? #daredevilnetflix #daredevildisneyplus #crossovercosplay #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #daredeviltmnt #daredevilmichelangelo #cosplay #cosplays #cosplaygirl #cosplaylife #cosplaying #cosplayer #cosplayers #costume #3dprinting #3dprint #3dprinted #cr10 #crealitycr10 #creality

♬ Daredevil TV main theme – Geek Music
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