Cinderella Cosplay

I love Cinderella and had so much fun wearing the live-action version of the dress to the Fox and a Cinderella-inspired convertible dress to the Muny!

Cinderella at the Fox

Scott surprised me with tickets and his Prince Charming costume for Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the Fox Theater for Christmas 2017. I borrowed the live-action Cinderella dress from my friend. It was so fabulous, floofy, and fun to wear!

Prince Charming and His Princess

Scott really was charming in his prince costume! We took pictures together pretty much everywhere, even in front of Cinderella’s castle! 😉

The Slipper

We had so much fun with the slipper including losing it on all the stairs and trying it on to ensure I was a perfect fit!

Dress Twirls

Twirling in this beautiful, princess dress was a must! It was so spectacular!

The Hair and More Dress

I added a few extras accessories like butterflies and a tiara in my hair, necklace, earrings, and gloves. I took a few shots without gloves, and think it looked better with them.

Cinderella at the Muny

I utilized a convertible light blue dress with silver rings to pull off the Cinderella-inspired dress for the Muny. I bought a sky blue headband that matched perfectly with my dress. I already had the slippers, gloves, black choker, and pearl earrings. Scott wore his summer Prince Charming costume (i.e. shorts with his formal top) 😉

Prince Charming and His Princess

Scott is super charming and goofy in his “summer shorts” version of this outfit!

The Slipper

Always fun trying on the slipper to ensure it fits!

The Wand

Frodo really loved playing with the wand, which we actually got from Cinderella’s castle at Disney World!

The Hair and More Dress

I used two silver loops inserted onto the convertible dress ties to make it look like it had sleeves. I criss-crossed it in back and then again in the front under the first layer. I then tied it in front and looped the excess up to look like bunched sides similar to Cinderella’s dress.

Picnic and Show

Scott really enjoyed wearing his summer shorts for the our picnic and outdoor Muny show. 🙂

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