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Celtic Ren Fest William Wallace Cosplay

Scott won the William Wallace costume contest at the 2018 STL Renaissance Festival, and even did the entire Braveheart speech!

For our kilts/skirts, I bought tartan banded patterned material from Joann fabric and followed this Outlander kilt guide. The rest of Scott’s William Wallace costume we pieced together from existing costume props (boot covers, bracers, brown tunic, belt, curly wig, sword). The final touch was the blue face paint on half his face! For my dress, I bought a faux leather corset & off-shoulder white blouse and used a white underskirt & brown boots I already had. For my hair, I scrunched it with mousse/hair spray and did a simple wrap-around braid. Rebecca wore her wench performing costume from the Royal Dumpe.

Here are our favorite pictures and videos from the Ren Fest! We always enjoy the turkey legs, archery, axe throwing, sitting on the iron throne, seeing authentic armor/weapons, and the Washing Well Wench show.



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