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Candy Land Christmas

I’ve always wanted to try a Land of Sweets theme after seeing all the pretty, pink Christmas decor at the craft stores. Candy Land was one of my favorite childhood games (1984 version) and inspired the decorations and gingerbread houses.

Enjoy the world of my creation with King Kandy in his Candy Castle, Princess Lolly in her Lollipop Woods, Queen Frostine in her Ice Cream Sea, Jolly by Gumdrop Mountains, Gumdrop Pass & Sea of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops, Cupcake Commons Christmas tree, Lord Licorice and his Licorice Castle, Gramma Nutt by her Peanut Brittle House, Plumpy by his Gingerbread Plum Trees, Mr. Mint in his Peppermint Forest and a chocolate fountain Gloppy.

Here’s a video compilation with the highlights from our magical Christmas Candy Land.

King Kandy

3D printed a massive King Kandy nutcracker and created his gingerbread Candy Castle.

Cupcake Commons Christmas Tree

3D printed a massive cupcake topper and smaller cupcakes to sprinkle throughout our Cupcake Commons tree. Also 3D printed donuts, peppermints, gumdrops, and lollipops for the tree. Wrapped ornaments of various sizes in cellophane to make candies.

Princess Lolly and Lollipop Woods

Layla and I created a Princess Lolly gingerbread house and castle. Used this design for Layla’s tall house. I just made up the castle wall gingerbread designs directly on the dough. Made large lollipops with my 3D printers and pool noodles to feature in Lollipop Woods and on our Christmas tree.


Made Princess Lolly and her gingerbread castle with Lollipop Woods for our Candy Land Christmas. #princesslolly #lollipop #sweetchristmas #candyland #candylandchristmas

♬ Lollipop – The Chordettes


Made massive lollipops with my 3D printers and pool noodles for our Candy Land Christmas. #lollipop #diylollipops #sweetchristmas #candyland #candylandchristmas #3dprint #3dprinting

♬ Lollipop – The Chordettes

Queen Frostine and Ice Cream Sea

Rachel made Queen Frostine and her Ice Cream Sea gingerbread castle. 3D printed ice cream cones to float in my Ice Cream Sea decorations.

Gumdrops Galore

3D printed tons of gumdrops for our swirly twirly gumdrops, ornaments, Gumdrop Mountain sign topper, and lollipop holders. We of course used real gumdrops on our gingerbread houses including Gumdrop Pass for our Gumdrop Mountain gingerbread.

Jolly and Gumdrop Mountains

Used bowls as molds for making the gumdrop mountain gingerbread. Getting the icing thickness right was a challenge to avoid making a huge mess and actually keeping the mountains covered. Made a really long gumdrop pass with green sprinkles for the path.


Made Jolly and his gumdrop mountains out of gingerbread for our Candy Land Christmas! #gumdrop #gumdropmountain #jolly #sweetchristmas #candyland #candylandchristmas #gingerbread

♬ Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

Sea of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops

3D printed 24 gumdrops to hang from our Harry Potter floating candles. Created a custom cotton candy (pink/blue) light design.

Also 3D printed lots of gumdrop ornaments and lollipop holders.

Lord Licorice and Licorice Castle

Used Twizzlers and black candy melts to create Lord Licorice and his Licorice Castle gingerbread.

Land of Sweets with Nutcrackers, Gramma Nut and Plumpy

Created a combo of the Land of Sweets with Nutcrackers with the addition of Candy Land characters Gramma Nutt and Plumpy.

Gramma Nutt and Peanut Brittle House

Used this cutter design with a few minor tweaks to create the structure for the peanut brittle gingerbread house. Made peanut brittle and attached them with icing to the gingerbread house to create Gramma Nutt’s Peanut Brittle house.

Plumpy and Gingerbread Plum Tree

Scott made Plumpy and his gingerbread plum trees using marshmallows for the tree and M&Ms for the plums.


Made Gramma Nutt and her peanut brittle house and @Scott Perdue made Plumpy and his gingerbread plum trees for our Candy Land Christmas. #peanutbrittle #plumpy #gingerbread #gingerbreadhouse #candyland #candylandchristmas

♬ Pure Imagination – From “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” Soundtrack – Gene Wilder

Mr. Mint and Peppermint Forest

Turned my kitchen cabinet tops into Peppermint Forest. Wyatt made an amazing Mr. Mint and Peppermint Forest gingerbread house. Used this design for the short gingerbread house.


Created Peppermint Forest on top of my cabinets and my nephew made Mr. Mint gingerbread for our Candy Land Christmas. #mrmint #mrmintcandyland #sweetchristmas #candyland #candylandchristmas #candycane

♬ Candy Cane Lane – Sia

Rainbow Trail and other Mini Gingerbreads

Created the rainbow trail on one of the short gingerbread houses. Here’s the design I used for printing the cutters for the other mini gingerbreads.


We sloppily made Gloppy from the chocolate fondue fountain 🙂

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