Aladdin & Jasmine Inspired Cosplay

Aladdin is our favorite Disney princess movie so we love to dress up like them. We wore these inspired outfits to the Aladdin show at the Fox.

I love dressing up so anytime we go to an event, I seize the opportunity to dress for the occasion. Scott usually goes along with my silliness 🙂 The Fox is a pretty formal venue so we went for the “inspired” look since Jasmine’s typical outfit is a little revealing. Here’s one of our other more casual Aladdin inspired outfits we wore to Disney World.


Turquoise is my favorite color so I already had a silk dress with gold belt that matched perfectly with Jasmine’s color. I also had gold flats that went well with the ensemble. I bought a white chiffon skirt with gold sequins, gold sequin scarf, gold necklace, and gold teardrop earrings to complement the dress. I used gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and magnetic eyelashes to bring out my eyes. We also already had the lamp we had bought from EPCOT which made an amazing prop 🙂

The hair was fun to do, including making the headband. I bought some dark mint wired ribbon and a blue gem from Michaels, and hot glued these to a headband I already had. I twisted my front hair around the headband and created two large bunches with pony tails. I used extra ribbon to wrap around the pony tails.

Aladdin and His Princess

Scott’s outfit was really easy. We just bought a nice purple vest and paired it with a white collared shirt and khaki dress pants. We even ate at Aya Sofia, a Turkish restaurant with beautiful Mediterranean decor.

Fun with Rajah (the Cats)

The cats (Rajah the tigers) enjoyed playing with the lamp and my scarf!

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