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Cardinals Nation MLB Baseball Stadium Map

We love the Cardinals and baseball so much that we have embarked on a journey to see all the MLB baseball stadiums and Cardinal affiliates. To document our tour of the stadiums, we created a map to pin pictures of each of the stadiums we visited.

Baseball Map22jpg

Here are directions of how to make your own Cardinals Nation map.


  1. Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation (4’x8′) – from home supply store like Lowe’s
  2. Projector (if available)
  3. Utility Knife
  4. Red Paint (spray or roll on)
  5. Paint Roller (if necessary)
  6. MLB logos (see below for download links)
  7. Mod Podge (Matte or Glossy – your preference)
  8. Sharpie marker (I used silver)
  9. 3M Command Hanging Strips


  1. First make sure you peel off all the plastic from the foam board. I’d never used it before and didn’t realize this until after I’d painted it. I ended up removing it and repainting, which was a pain.
  2. If you have a projector, project the image of a US map onto the board and trace the outline of the country and states. Otherwise you can free-hand it. I pressed in pretty hard when I traced to make an indentation that was easy to see after painting when drawing in the states.
  3. Cut out the US map with a utility knife.
    Baseball Map2
  4. Paint the front of the board and the edges with your favorite team color – red of course! My first round of painting was with spray paint and after I peeled off the plastic I went with some red gloss paint I already had. If necessary, add a second coat after it has fully dried.
    Baseball Map4
  5. Cut out shapes of the MLB team logos (print your own – Page 1, Page 2).Baseball Map5
  6. Draw in the state outlines with a Sharpie.
  7. Glue logos into proper locations using Mod Podge. I used a matte finish.
  8. Then using a roller brush, apply several coats of Mod Podge over the logos and entire map until the logos appear one with the rest of the map.
    Baseball Map8
  9. Place at least four 3M Command strips on the back of the board. Press firmly onto a wall that you’d like to proudly display your journey.
    Baseball Map12
  10. Pin pictures of all the stadiums you have visited!
    Baseball Map17

I later added the Cardinals Nation logo and just applied it with Mod Podge.


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